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About Casey Building Solutions

Casey Building Solutions, LLC is a small design/build firm located in Cascade, Iowa that believes in the “House as a System” approach. This approach says that all parts of the home must work in unison to allow the home to be energy efficient, durable, safe, comfortable, affordable, and maintain good indoor air quality. To be successful, this approach requires careful consideration of all of the building components, including building envelope, structure, mechanical systems and HVAC, and materials, and their relationship to each other. We build home with HERS scores generally between 30 and 45 and most of our homes heat and cool for under $500 per year.


"Scott is a Great Contractor. He really knows the best ways to to build a energy efficient home. We would recommend Scott if you are considering building an home. Feel free to come and see our home. WE LOVE OUR HOME. THANKS TO SCOTT."
- Julie

Better Materials + Better Techniques = Better Homes

Technology has advanced incredibly in the last 100 years. Our vehicles are greatly improved, phones, computers, and televisions have gone from non-existent to